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With HUGGSTER, you’ll get more hugs!

HUGGSTER is for anyone who wants to turn virtual hugs into real ones. Choose your personal huggees (family, friends, or colleagues you see daily) and you can receive and send real hugs from friends all over the world!

Fancy more hugs in your life? With HUGGSTER, you can receive real hugs from people you love – or send real hugs to loved ones even if you’re not physically in the same place.



Imagine you want to send a hug to someone
far away…

It’s a good friend’s birthday, and you can’t be there – send a real birthday hug, and she’ll be hugged for you by one of her Huggees.

Your kids are studying in another city or country – send a hug for passing the exam and let them feel how proud you are.

A friend needs your support, but you can’t be there right now – send a real hug after the phone call for an extra dose of comfort.


When you send a hug, you also create a personal HugCard with a saying of your choice.

It works like a greeting card: Once the hug is received, your message is visible in the app – so they know who sent them the surprise!

In our premium version (starting from 4,99 USD per year) you can even write a personal text or send a voice message with your HugCard.

Join Huggster for Free

With HUGGSTER, you receive and spread joy, love & happiness – for the receiver, their huggee, and for you as the sender of the hug.

We call it a win-win-win situation! 🙂

App Features

Turn Virtual Hugs
into real hugs

The receiver’s huggees will receive your hug request via HUGGSTER. Then, one of the huggees will deliver the hug in real life. This way, the world is gifted with an extra hug that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Send and Receive hugs
from far away

Choose your personal hug messengers (huggees) and you can receive real hugs from friends all over the world, and send them too!

Sending and receiving hugs is 100% free

Sending and receiving hugs with HUGGSTER is always free. You can choose from five predefined messages for your HugCard.

If you want to personalize the HugCard with your own text, you can upgrade the text or speech module for 4.99 USD per year.

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Huggster community

  • Carmen

    “I have been testing the app for a few days now. It feels great to be able to send hugs to and receive hugs from friends and family.
    Everyone needs a hug every day. And the app makes it easy to send them.
    This app is unique! And everyone will love it!”


    “I tested the app and I think it’s great because I can always send a hug to my family members who live far away and also receive real hugs. I highly recommend the app, it’s just awesome.”

    Ina & René

    “We both downloaded HUGGSTER as a test version on our smartphones and saw how nice it is to just be hugged on behalf of someone who cares about you but is not around right now. It’s a very nice feeling… looking forward to lots of hugs in the future!”

  • Eileen

    “HUGGSTER, the unique way to be close to someone who is far away!
    Thank you for this great idea of bringing people closer and always putting a smile on people faces!”


  • What is the HUGGSTER App?

    With HUGGSTER, you’ll get more hugs!

    You can receive and send real hugs from your favorite people and  loved ones far away. The hugs will be delivered by their huggees (family or friends nearby).

    Choose your personal huggees (family, friends, or colleagues you see daily) and you can receive real hugs from friends all over the world, and send them too!

    See also “What is a Huggee?”

  • What is a Huggee?

    A Huggee is a “hug messenger”.
    The person who hugs you in real life when someone sends you a hug. It’s best to choose people you see daily or regularly, such as family members, good friends, or colleagues.

    A Huggee never knows who sent you a hug, they only receive a message that a hug is ready for you.

    Of course, you are also the Huggee of your Huggee and will be notified when your Huggee receives a hug that you can then deliver in real life.

  • What is the meaning of the inner and outer circles and what do the symbols mean?

    The inner circle around your profile picture shows your Huggees (your personal hug messengers).

    The outer circle shows your unread HugCards and your shared but not yet activated ConnectCodes.

    Explanation of the symbols:

    The HUG Teleporter – This is where you can find all the hugs that you have sent but have not yet been delivered by any
    of the recipient’s huggees.

    Once the HUG NOW symbol on your huggee’s profile picture starts flashing, you can accept the delivery and give your huggee a hug.

    Please make sure to confirm that you have delivered the hug. Only then will we send the sender’s HugCard, so that your huggee knows who the surprise is from.

    Here you can find the shared but not yet activated ConnectCodes for contacts you are not yet connected with on HUGGSTER.

    Your received HugCards. Open them to see who sent you a hug and what the person wants to tell you.


    Once the ConnectCode is entered or you read your HugCard, they disappear from the outer ring. You can find them then in your HugStory.

  • How do I send a hug?

    To send a hug, click on the “+” button at the bottom of the home page. A menu with five points will open, click on “send hug” here.

    Now you are in your HUGGSTER friends list, select the person you want to give a hug to.
    If you are not yet connected, click on “create ConnectCode” to connect with a new contact (this is only necessary once, then you are connected and you will find this person in your friends list).

    In the next step you create your HugCard, which will be sent to the recipient of your hug after successful transmission.
    Now you can send your hug.

    See also “Why is a ConnectCode needed?”

  • Is it free to send and receive a hug?

    Sending and receiving a hug is always free!

  • Who can send me a hug?

    Anyone you’re connected with can send you hugs once you’ve both connected on HUGGSTER using a ConnectCode.

    When someone sends you a hug for the first time, it’s up to you to confirm the contact and choose to receive hugs from them.

    You can also deactivate this contact at any time to temporarily stop receiving hugs from them.

    And if you delete the contact, you will no longer be connected with them. To receive or send hugs from this person again, you will need to connect again using a ConnectCode.

    See also “Why is a ConnectCode needed?”

  • Why is a ConnectCode needed?

    At HUGGSTER, we take your personal data seriously. We want to make sure that your personal information stays private, that’s why we don’t want access to your phone’s contacts list to connect you with others.

    That’s why we created the ConnectCode, a unique code that allows you to invite new Huggees or friends to your network. Sharing the ConnectCode is only necessary once per contact, and then you’re connected and able to send hugs to each other.

    To send a first hug to a friend, you’ll generate a unique, personal ConnectCode and share it through a messenger of your choice with the person you want to invite. Once they enter the code in their HUGGSTER app, you’ll be connected.

    On HUGGSTER, you’ll only see contacts you’ve connected with using the ConnectCode.

  • How long does it take to receive my hug?

    It depends on how often you see your Huggees. Once a hug is sent, all your Huggees will receive an anonymous message that a hug is waiting for you.

    If a family member you live with is your Huggee, the hug can be delivered very quickly.

    After one of your Huggees confirms the delivery, they will be reminded after 6 hours if they have already delivered the hug. They then have the option to release the hug and the request will be visible to all Huggees again and another Huggee can take on the request. This ensures that no hug is lost.

  • What is the HugCard?

    The HugCard is your greeting card that you send with a hug or that you receive from your friends with a hug.

    After the hug is sent and delivered by a Huggee, the person being hugged receives the HugCard so they know who the surprise is from.

    In the free version, you can choose one of five predefined messages for your greeting card, which will be displayed under your picture on the HugCard.

    If you want to personalize your HugCard with your own texts, you can activate the modules from 4.99 euros/year. Then you can send an endless text or a voice message up to 60 seconds with your HugCard.

    See also “What is the text and voice module?”

  • What is the text and voice module?

    The Text Module: By activating the Text Module, you can make your HugCard even more personal by creating your own text on the back of your HugCard, like a postcard.

    The Voice Module: By activating the voice module, you can add a voice message up to 60 seconds to your HugCard.

    The modules are available from 4.99 euros/year.

  • Where can I find my HugCards that I have already read or sent?

    To view your HugCards again, go to “My Friends” in the menu and click on the profile picture of the desired contact. Under “your HugCards” all HugCards are listed chronologically.

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