How Huggster works

What's the HugCard?

The HugCard is an additional message from the sender of a hug, that you will receive within the app, AFTER you got hugged by one of your huggies and the huggy confirmed the delivery of the hug. When you use the free Version of Huggster you will be able to send a hug, but you can only pick from predefined, short messages, that you can send with your hug. The HugCard is like a digital postcard consisting of your Userpicture on the front and a short, predefined message ( free ). Optional you can use either the textmodule, which will let you write unlimited text on the backside of the hugcard or the voicemodule, which will let you send a personal voice message with up to 60s.

What's a huggy?

A Huggy is a "hug transporter". The person, that will hug you in real life, when someone is sending you a hug. A huggy never knows, who sent you a hug, he just get's a message that there is a hug waiting for "transport".

Will i get hugged by strangers?

No! Only by your huggies, which you choose yourself.

How long does it take for a hug to arrive?

This depends on how many huggies you have. As soon as a hug is sent to you, all your huggies get an anonymous message, that there is a hug waiting for you. So if one of your huggies is a familymember that you are living with, the hug can be delivered instantly.

Can anybody send me a hug?

As long as someone knows your mobile number, he/she can send you hugs. BUT: When a person sends you a hug for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to receive hugs from that person. So it is your choice. This can always be changed to inactive, so you won't receive any more hugs from that particular person.

How do i send a real hug

Pick one of your contacts ( your contacts will not be transfered to our servers, we just need local access on your phone). If this contact is already registered with Huggster you can directly send him a hug, which will be delivered by one of his/her huggies. If the contact is not registered with Huggster yet, you can send him an invitation to join.

Is it free to send a hug?

Yes, sending a hug with a standard message will always be free! If you want to be more personal with your hugcard, you can activate the text- and or voicemodule, for a low yearly subsciption.


How safe is my data with Huggster?

At Huggster we don't collect data besides the neccesary information we need for providing the service to you.

Will Huggies know about each other, or who sent a hug?

No, not unless you tell or show them. Your Huggynetwork can only be seen by you.